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December 2023

On December 5th, 2023, the TON blockchain experienced an irregular and specific transaction load increase, leading to delays in transaction processing. On December 7th, some parts of the network are congested, while others are operating nominally, causing delays for all users of the network. On December 9th network nodes finalized millions of pending transactions and returned to normal operation.

Unprocessed transactions

This chart shows the number of transactions waiting to be finalized. As the network processes transactions, this number goes down.

Network Congestion Rate

This chart shows the difference between incoming transactions and processed transactions per second.

Blue is the messages processing speed by the network nodes.
Orange is congestion rate: incoming (internal) messages that the network cannot process in time.


December 9, 7:20 UTC

Network nodes finalized all the pending transactions and resumed normal operation.

AnnouncementIncident report

December 8, 15:00 UTC

Network validators increased throughput and began clearing the pending transactions.

December 7, 13:26 UTC

Tonano announced halt of minting once again.


December 7, 12:21 UTC

TON Community channel publishes the preliminary incident report.

AnnouncementIncident report

December 7, 9:45 UTC

To prevent possible issues related to abnormal delays in transactions Tonkeeper and other wallets in the ecosystem have temporarily disabled relay of transactions through their infrastructure: it is better to not emit a transaction at all, rather than have it stuck in an intermediate state for an unpredictable amount of time.


December 6, 23:05 UTC

TON network is congested again, Tonkeeper issues warning to the users about possible delays.


December 6, 6:00 UTC resumed minting and the pressure on the network began to mount again.

December 5, 22:51 UTC paused the minting of their tokens and reduced its portion of the load on the network. Mobile Tonkeeper re-enables transactions for its users.


December 5, 21:33 UTC

Tonkeeper and other wallets disable transaction relay to give the network nodes time to sort out the transaction queues.


December 5, 13:15 UTC

Project launches the TON-20 token and the number of users in all wallets in TON rapidly increased. Users of Tonano began minting TON-20 tokens.

The essence of this token is that management and balances are simply recorded in the comments of cheap transactions to the same zero wallet in TON. Thanks to this approach, the creators of the token aimed to create a token that has cheaper gas transactions than normal tokens. They planned for balance retrieval and monetary distribution to be performed via indexers. Meanwhile, the token creators suggested users to simply mint by sending a transaction in which it is indicated that the user is assigning themselves from 0 to 100 token coins, and all such transactions will be sent until the number of coins specified in the max supply is minted — then, the money will be distributed. This prompted users to start sending a large number of these transactions to the blockchain, with many automating the process.

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