Transactions per second

Transactions vary across different blockchains. In the TON blockchain, characterized by asynchronous and distributed architecture, a single transaction does not equate to the transfer of one toncoin or token. For instance, transferring toncoins from one account to another necessitates two transactions, while a token transfer can invoke up to four transactions. To gain insights into the actual operations occurring on TON, kindly refer to the chart below.

Operations (Events) per Second

This represents the number of unique events occurring on the TON blockchain per second. The term "event" is effectively used to describe operations on the TON blockchain as introduced by . For those seeking to operate on a higher level, the TonAPI can provide a more abstract perspective such as a "dex swap", rather than a cluster of low-level transactions. As a measure of blockchain performance and load, this chart is analogous to the Transactions Per Second (TPS) on Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.